As a destination independent school with rigorous and groundbreaking programs, the Trustees, administration and faculty of Mid-Pacific also believe that the evolution of a great school is an ongoing process. At Mid-Pacific, the next step in our evolution will be guided by a visionary framework, entitled Aspirations.

Reaching beyond the next decade in scope, our Aspirations set an ambitious challenge for our entire educational community. We recognize that our Aspirations will require significant time, effort, and resources to achieve. Most importantly, we also understand that the process of achieving our Aspirations will require us to elevate our definitions of excellence and redefine the ways in which we measure the meaning of "success" in the 21st century.

The Aspirations framework is bound by four interdependent pillars:

Our students will graduate as interconnected citizens with fluencies in language, technology, analytics, and world cultures. They will be environmental stewards and leaders in technology while also finding balance as deep thinkers and storytellers who are attuned to the people and the cultures around them.

As a pedagogical leader, we will attract and retain the best faculty, focus on instructional performance and curriculum design, use alternative metrics and international benchmarks, develop partnerships with industry-leading institutions, and provide a system of extended learning for local and international partners.

Our campus master plan is inspired by new approaches to physical settings that emphasize collaborative learning in environmentally friendly, energy efficient facilities, while reflecting an interconnected, technologically based, and design-oriented world.
In order to attain our aspirational goals, we will realize an endowment of significant size and scope. The strategic growth of our endowment is key to our vision of being a world class 21st Century Center of Teaching and Learning, and to preparing our students for distinguished service as successful global citizens and leaders.