Admission for International Applicants

International applicants include students with a foreign passport even if he/she has a green card or dual citizenship unless he/she has been attending school in the U.S. without English as a Second Language support.

PRIORITY DEADLINE for 2016-2017: 12/1/2015

Step 1: Choose Your Application Guide

Please choose from the following:

Admissions Checklist

Application and Fee
Submit completed application to the Office of Admissions with the $125 Application Fee (non-refundable). Our mailing address:
Office of Admissions
2445 Ka'ala Street
Honolulu, HI 96822

Teacher Reference Reports
After December 1, provide two (2) teachers with the Teacher Reference Report. Sign the Teacher Reference Report before forwarding it to your teacher. Provide the teacher with a stamped envelope addressed to Mid-Pacific. Forms are due by January 31.

Download the Grades 2 - 12 HAIS Teacher Reference Report.

Current Passport
Submit a scanned copy of child's passport. Send to:

Reference Report for Administrators
Submit completed Reference Report for Administrators form to the applicant's current school so they may forward appropriate transcripts and standardized test results (include summer school courses for credit.)

Download the Reference Report for Administrators.

Transcripts/Progress Reports
Submit copies of report cards and standardized test results (if applicable) from the previous school year through the first semester/trimester of the current school year. Grade reports are due by January 31.

Required Testing
English Language Development applicants for grades 7-10: TOEFL, Jr., iTEP SLATE, or SLEP. The SLEP (Secondary Language English Proficiency) test can be taken on campus by appointment. Mid-Pacific's SLEP test fee of $100 US includes the exam, an interview and a writing sample.

English Language Development applicants for grades 11-12: TOEFL, iTEP SLATE, or SLEP.

Additional Testing
If offered in your home country, students are also encouraged to take the SSAT. Apply for the Upper Level SSAT Test. Designate Mid-Pacific to receive the scores by adding our code below.

Grades 9-11 applicants: SSAT (Secondary School Admissions Test), Mid-Pacific Institute Code: 5080

Grade 12 Applicants: SSAT (Secondary School Admissions Test), Mid-Pacific Institute Code: 4521

Mentor Forms/Extracurricular Activities
Mentor forms are not required, but are available if you wish to submit them.

Download the Extracurricular Reference Report/Mentor Form.


将完整申请提交到招生办公室,并支付 125 美元申请费(不可退)。我们的邮寄地址:
Office of Admissions
2445 Ka'ala Street
Honolulu, HI 96822

在 12 月 1 日之后,将教师推荐信提供给两 (2) 位老师。在将教师推荐信转寄给你的老师之前,先在上面签字。将收信人为中太平洋的贴好邮票的信封提供给老师。接收表格的截止日期为 1 月 31 日。
下载 2-12 级手工会计信息系统 (HAIS) 教师推荐信。


下载 管理员推荐信。

提交从前一学年直到当前学年第一个学期/三个月学期的成绩单和标准化考试成绩(如果有的话)的复印件。提交成绩报告的截止日期为 1 月 31 日。

7-10 级英语语言发展申请者:TOEFL、Jr.、iTEP SLATE 或者 SLEP。学生可在校园里预约参加 SLEP (中学英语水平)考试。100 美元的中太平洋 SLEP 考试费包括考试、一次面试和一份写作样本。

11-12 级英语语言发展申请者:TOEFL、iTEP SLATE 或者 SLEP。

如果您的原籍国提供 SSAT 考试,我们也推荐学生参加这个考试。申请参加高级 SSAT 考试。通过在下方添加我们的代码可以指定由中太平洋接收考试成绩。

9-11 级申请者:SSAT (中学入学考试),中太平洋学院代码:5080

12 级申请者:SSAT (中学入学考试),中太平洋学院代码:4521


下载 课外活动推荐信/导师表。


入学願書にすべて記入し、手数料125ドル (返金不可) とともに願書受付窓口までお送りください。郵送での宛先は:
Office of Admissions
2445 Ka'ala Street
Honolulu, HI 96822

2~12年生の教師による調査書 (HAIS作成) をダウンロード


ご本人が現在通っている学校から、適切な成績証明書 (単位取得目的の夏期講習も含む) および統一試験の成績書を取り寄せるため、学校事務局用記録通知書にご記入後、通っている学校へ提出してください。

成績証明書 / 今年度通知表
前年度および今年度1−3学期までの通知表統一試験の結果 (もしあれば) の写しを提出してください。提出の締め切りは1月31日です。

7~10年生のEnglish Language Developmentへの志願者: TOEFL, Jr.、iTEP SLATE、またはSLEP。SLEP (Secondary Language English Proficiency) テストは、ご予約後本校で 受験することが可能です。Mid-PacificのSLEPテストの受験料は100米ドルです。試験内容は、ペーパーテスト、面接、小論文です。

11~12年生のEnglish Language Developmentへの志願者: TOEFL、iTEP SLATE、またはSLEP。

SSATが母国で受験できる場合、こちらも受験することをお勧めします。Upper Level (上級) SSATテストへ申し込んでください。受験結果の送付先としてMid-Pacificを指定し、以下に記載されている当校のコードを追加してください.

9~11年生の志願者: SSAT (Secondary School Admissions Test), Mid-Pacific Institute コード: 5080

12年生の志願者: SSAT (Secondary School Admissions Test), Mid-Pacific Institute コード: 4521

メンター (個人指導者) 報告書/ 課外活動 メンター報告書は必須ではありませんが、希望される場合は提出してください。

課外活動報告書 / メンター報告書をダウンロード

입학 체크리스트

지원서 및 수수료
완료된 지원서를 입학 수수료(환불 불가) $125와 함께 입학처에 제출합니다. 본교 우편 주소:
Office of Admissions
2445 Ka'ala Street
Honolulu, HI 96822

교사 참조 보고서
12월 1일 이후, 교사 2명에게 교사 참조 보고서를 전달합니다. 교사에게 전달하기 전에 서명합니다. Mid-Pacific 소인이 찍힌 봉투와 함께 전달합니다. 양식은 1월 31일에 마감됩니다.

2 - 12학년 HAIS 교사 참조 보고서를 다운로드하십시오.

현재 여권
자녀의 여권 스캔 사본을 제출합니다. 보내는 곳:

학교 관리자용 참조 보고서
관리자용 참조 보고서 양식을 완료하여 지원자의 현재 학교에 제출하여 적절한 성적표와 표준화된 시험 성적표를 보낼 수 있도록 합니다(학점을 위한 여름 학교 과정 포함).
학교 관리자용 참조 보고서를 다운로드하십시오.

성적표/진행 보고서
이전 학년도부터 이번 학년도 첫 학기(2학기 제/3학기 제)까지 성적표 사본 및 표준화된 시험 성적표(가능한 경우)를 제출합니다. 성적표는 1월 31에 마감됩니다.

필수 시험
7-10학년 영어 능력 개발 지원자: TOEFL, Jr., iTEP SLATE, 또는 SLEP. SLEP(Secondary Language English Proficiency) 시험은 예약 시 캠퍼스에서 응시할 수 있습니다. Mid-Pacific의 SLEP 시험 수수료는 시험, 면접, 작문을 포함하여 $100 미국 달러입니다.

11-12학년 영어 능력 개발 지원자: TOEFL, iTEP SLATE, 또는 SLEP.

추가 시험
거주 국가에서 시험에 응시할 수 있는 경우, SSAT 응시도 권장됩니다. 상위 레벨의 SSAT 시험에 지원하십시오. 아래 코드를 추가하여 성적표 수령처를 Mid-Pacific으로 지정하십시오.

9-11학년 지원자: SSAT(Secondary School Admissions Test), Mid-Pacific Institute 코드: 5080

12학년 지원자: SSAT(Secondary School Admissions Test), Mid-Pacific Institute 코드: 4521

멘토 양식/특별 활동
멘토 양식은 필수는 아닙니다. 그러나 제출하고자 하는 경우, 가능합니다.

특별 활동 참조 보고서/멘토 양식을 다운로드하십시오.

Step 2: Create an Online Application or Apply by Mail

Apply online or mail your application to us by selecting a grade level below. You can also click here to request for an application packet to be mailed to you. Please know that you will also need to mail/send your teacher reference and/or mentor forms as well as your application fee payment of $125. Forms submitted without payment will not be considered.

Online Application

Mail In Application

Step 3: Complete the Application

Once we receive your application and supporting documents, we will contact you with an assessment/interview time and date sometime between January and April. During the application process a member of our admissions team will be available to answer your questions.