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Be of one mind, one heart and one love

Posted on September 22, 2016

by Kahu Wendell Davis on September 22, 2016


This school year at Mid Pacific, our "spiritual theme" is "I Ho'okahi Kahi Ka Mana'o, I Ho'okahi Kahi Pu'uwai, I Ho'okahi Kahi Ke Aloha" (Be of one mind, one heart and one love). The concept of our theme derived from the "oneness" that we seek, practice and implement each year as a "unified" Mid Pacific family. Taken from Philippians 2:2, the biblical passage reads, "Make my joy complete, by being like-minded, having the same love, being one in spirit and in purpose." Like a three-stranded cord, these distinctive attributes are not easily broken when they are "woven" and "bound" together.

"Spiritual Themes" serve as a "compass" and guide for our school. It provides a pathway for our students, faculty, staff and administration to follow and commit to. It establishes an alignment or position for each individual, as well as, a "challenge" to diligently commit oneself to the greater community of our school. The first position begins with three powerful words, "AT OUR SCHOOL...." These three words declare that we take ownership and embrace responsibility together. In other words, it's not only "my" school or your school, but, it's "our" school. The transfer of ownership transcends from an individual role to a group role.

Our theme continues with a second position, "At our school,... "EACH PERSON IS IMPORTANT AND WE BELONG TO EACH OTHER AS MEMBERS OF ONE FAMILY." The Hawaiian word for "place" is "kauwahi". It's a particular point of reference. This statement emphasizes that our school is a "place" where everyone feels important, along with a sense of belonging as a family. With confidence, we should confidently assert that "I Belong", "You Belong" and "We Belong". Mid Pacific is a special place where there exists a deep relationship and connection. At our school, each person should be able to confirm that the "heart and soul" of Mid Pacific is "I AM IMPORTANT" and "I BELONG".

The third position says, "WE WILL TREAT EACH OTHER WITH RESPECT, LOVE, CARE AND DO OUR BEST TO UPHOLD THE DIGNITY OF EACH PERSON." This means that the value of "aloha" is an integral part of the educational journey at Mid Pacific. Each student is expected to model respect, love, care, as well as, elevate the worthiness of each other. Kindness is another important character trait that we encourage our students to practice.

Finally, the last position states, "WE WILL RECOGNIZE THE DIVERSITY AND GIFTS OF ALL PEOPLE AND WILL STAND UP AGAINST INJUSTICE." The diversity of our school is unique to Mid Pacific and lends itself for greater communication and interaction amongst our students. Additionally, it is our desire that each student will protect the rights of others.

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