MPTA After-School Tennis Development Program Progression

The Mid-Pacific Tennis Academy (MPTA) After-School Tennis Program offers a step-by-step progression to learning the sport of tennis. Each level of the progressions are color-coded red, orange, and green, representing the type of low- compression tennis ball that is used at each stage of development. The use of age-appropriate tennis racquets and playing tennis on an age-appropriate tennis court helps make learning the game of tennis easy and fun.

Download the After-School Tennis Registration Form here: MPTA Fall 2013-2014 After-School Tennis Registration Form [.pdf]

Red Ball Tennis

Red 650

Orange Ball Tennis

Orange 650

Green Ball Tennis

Green 650

Yellow Ball Tennis


  1. HP "Advanced Training" - INVITATION ONLY
    • Competes JTT 3.0 - 4.0 and/or
    • Challenger-level Tournaments
  2. HP "Elite Training" - INVITATION ONLY
    • Competes JTT Open-Level
    • Open-level DT Tournaments
    • State Ranking Required