Immersive Technology at Mid-Pacific

Combining the core components of Mid-Pacific’s technology vision – Computational Thinkers, Digital Storytellers, and Engineers – the Immersive Technology program introduces students to a concept coined by Autodesk: Capture. Compute. Create. As the only K–12 school in the world using LiDAR for reality capture and historic preservation, Mid-Pacific provides students at all levels with the ability to use innovative and robust reality capture techniques to create digital content in the Humanities, Creative Arts, and Sciences. We believe that with immersive 3-D technology, significant cross-pollination is possible between multiple disciplines and multiple industries. Like desktop publishing or video editing years ago, this technology will end up being used in ways we can’t imagine yet. From digital entertainment to GIS/watershed management, from historic preservation to 3-D game environments, we see the potential for this technology everywhere.