Mid-Pacific eXploratory [MPX]

MPX Program is an innovative, interdisciplinary program featuring a project-based community centered curriculum as the primary focus of student work. This curriculum encourages learners to synthesize their knowledge of Language Arts, Social Studies, Mathematics, Science, Technology and Engineering through participation in a collaborative "real world problem solving" setting. Some examples include energy auditing on campus and in the community, designing electric transportation systems, creating socially relevant art to be auctioned to raise funds for nonprofits, investigating relationships between Math and Art, producing original plays and designing and constructing urban gardening systems that will be used to grow produce for a cook-off competition.

The MPX section of the school website includes links to other projects and activities we have done as well as links to blogs that give you a up-to-date view of the work our leaders and learners are doing – challenges and successes, their reflections about their work and the process involved in rolling up our sleeves and trying to do authentic problem-solving.

We hope you will take time to explore the activities our learners have been immersed in. If you have an interest in being involved with our program as a resource, or have questions, please contact mpx@midpac.edu

MPX is an innovative program that features project-based learning as the primary focus of student work.

We have implemented an immersive experience in "Real World Problem Solving" - such as designing a new "21st century learning space" for the school library or studying agricultural sustainability in order to develop a local permaculture garden.

That learning should be interdisciplinary - that the arts and the humanities, sciences and mathematics should exist in the curriculum the way they do in the real world - intertwined and interdependent. In the words of one of our learners, “we should use our strengths in one subject area to strengthen our skills in another.”

That authentic investigation links learner interests and passions to real community concerns - racism, pollution, poverty, sustainability in energy and food, education, and health. We further believe that the best audience for authentic investigation should be authentic as well. Our learners work with designers, historians, artists, activists and engineers as they investigate and create solutions to real problems.

That learners will develop inner motivation and self-confidence by publicly presenting exhibitions and defenses of work in front of peers, teachers, parents, and community members.

That education should encourage self-reflection from investigating how we learn, rather than emphasizing what we learn. In MPX, learners examine their own progress by reflecting back on a portfolio of work.

That learner creativity and collaboration are unleashed in a project-based classroom. We believe that learners are hungry to communicate with each other and to share their ideas. Technology has changed the way the people engage with each other. Information has never been more accessible, opportunities for instant communication have never been more available, and creativity and adaptability have never been more in demand. Today’s learners have never known a world without the internet or cell phones, and statistics suggest nearly 2/3 of them are already developing collaborative projects in cyberspace and using social networks.

And finally, that MPX learners will design solutions that will have a legacy past the timeline of the project, and reach an audience beyond the classroom.