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Multi-age Bookshelf Celebration

Posted on February 23, 2016 by Scot Allen


Everyone loves a good book, but as classroom teacher's know, finding a way to store and organize them can be a chore. As the elementary school prepares to have their own classroom libraries, Mid-Pacific Exploratory (MPX) 10th grade students stepped up to solve the storage problem.

In the fall, Dr. Mark Hines and his students met with librarians to learn about precise dimensions and user needs. They then followed a design-thinking model of brainstorming, prototyping, reflecting, and reiterating to hone their ideas into workable designs. Dr. Hines invited several experts in welding to help with the project including Ross Mukai '03 and Bob Mcintosh.

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"The welding was the hardest part but it was also a high point," said Kainoa Kawainui '18. "It was exciting to see the sparks fly everywhere." This kind of inter-disciplinary work is typical for MPX.

On February 17th the upper school library hosted Audrey Oserow's first and second grade class as well as the MPX 10th graders for a multi-age bookshelf celebration. The 10th graders explained the benefits of their designs and then read books with their elementary buddies. "The books on mammals were a big hit," observed librarian Director David Wee. "The insect books--not so much."

The bookshelves will soon be in use on campus.

By Laura Davis