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Hispanic Cuisine: Perception and Reality

¡Tortilla española! ¡Olé!

Posted on September 20, 2016 by Scot Allen


Students in Mid-Pacific's Spanish 5 class learned that the country we know today as Spain is actually the result of many cultural influences, specifically from the Celt-Iberians before the third century BC, and the Romans, who we attribute the siesta, sports, bull fighting, spoken Latin & religion. Then the Visigoths with feudalism and the Arabs -- the most contributing culture to the Spanish culture -- with elements like vocabulary and sciences and were in Spain from 711-1492. All these influences, as well as the geography and the products of the land will influence the gastronomy of each Hispanic region.

Students learned the incorrect perception of Hispanic cuisine that exists today and they learned that a Spanish tortilla is nothing like a Mexican tortilla. A Spanish tortilla is similar to an omelet. The students learned the steps to make a "tortilla española" and enjoyed discussing cooking terms and traditions in the Spanish Speaking World such as telling someone who you see eating to enjoy their meal. So the next time you see someone eating, tell them ¡Buen provecho!

-- Nancy S. Wysard, Spanish 2,3,4/IB,5 Instructor & World Languages Coordinator